Maximizing Project Management with Dmitrij Harder

Project management experts set the roadmap from conception to completion for projects ranging in size from single use private entities to multi-district municipal developments. This planning process involves many activities including:

  • Setting the plan
  • Avoiding potential roadblocks
  • Developing a staged timeline from start to finish
  • Financial planning
  • Procurement and allocation of resources
  • Hiring
  • Budgeting

While the most efficiently run projects are mapped out from beginning to end by highly qualified project management professionals, managers can step in and provide assistance at any stage. This commonly becomes necessary when projects run over budget, encounter unplanned challenges or run into any assortment of emergency situations. In these types of cases, the new project management team will be brought in to put out existing “fires” and get the project back on track.

While this process can result in a favorable outcome, it can raise the cost and extend the time to completion of the project by considerable amounts. The best alternative is to start with a team of professionals who have the experience to avoid common pitfalls, make contingency plans, and keep the project on track.

This holistic planning process results in:

  • Efficient implementation of each development stage of the project
  • Staying within the budget for the project
  • Surmounting obstacles quickly and efficiently
  • Minimizing risks
  • Delivering the project on schedule


Dmitrij Harder and Solvo Group can provide the expert assistance required to complete projects large and small on time and on budget.

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