Dmitrij Harder Sees Risk Management Differently

Many risk managers approach the position as if it is all about minimizing risk or effectively distributing potential risk. While Dmitrij Harder agrees, he also sees his position as a risk manager as something more than strategically distributing risk. He sees good risk management as an opportunity for a conversation that raises challenging questions: how can we do this better? Why are we committed to these processes and these technologies?

Questions like these help to establish a basis for further progress, but are only the beginning. Looking at risk management solely as a way to minimize financial risks is naïve and unproductive for the long term, if a business hopes to make gains. Good risk management means predicting what future changes might take place in your industry, and distilling precisely what you can do now to prepare for them, before anyone else makes a move.

Perhaps it is Harder’s skill and experience in project management and other financial services that make him a challenging and creative force to be reckoned with, in the industry of risk management. Regardless, his techniques are working, and they often draw customers back time and again for his unparalleled creative and honest financial services.

The risk management industry is sure to soon see a shift toward doing business the way that Dmitrij Harder does it now. However, by the time the industry shifts, Harder will most likely already be well established at the forefront of his industry’s game. No doubt his many customers know this, and are thus committed to fulfilling as many of their financial needs as possible with him.

Dmitrij Harder is, on the whole, excited to see the risk management industry undergo these necessary adaptations as the global economy continues to develop in unexpected ways. For Harder, the volatility, while at times unnerving, also makes for a more interesting game. As a risk manager, it’s the excitement and the risk involved in the industry that keeps him going!

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